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Liu’s 100+ followers!!!

It had been a while since I logged on tumblr through a computer, so I hadn’t noticed that I now have 118 followers!! So first of all, THANK YOU PEOPLE SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING ME!!!!!!! I punched myself a few times to see if it wasn’t a dream…

And since this calls for a celebration, I’ll make a small givaway. It would have been great if my previous pc hadn’t decided to self-destruct, so that I could offer drawings as prices, but I think I can manage to do something else ;)

So… (yes, I feel a little lost since this is my first givaway…. sorry) I’ll be randomly choosing 3 people from my notes on this post. 1 Like equals 1 participation; 1 reblog equals 3 participations. You MUST be following me to participate to the givaway.

The 1st prize will be either 2 short fanfics (you choose the characters AND the style… which means yes if you are a pervert it can be smut xD) or 1 long fanfic (and when I mean long, I mean reaaally long… like a short novel)

The 2nd prize will get 1 short fanfic. The winner will choose the style they want. (and yes you choose the characters too)

The 3rd prize will get 1 short fanfic, but will only be able to choose the characters.

You have until Monday, July 28th 2014 to participate. I know it’s a little short notice but I’ll be leaving for China a few days afterwards so I’ll work on the writing during my trip (those are the times I’m the most inspired)

Well then I wish you all good luck! And see you guys soon!!! And thank you again for following me!!!!!!!!

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